Advocates vs Adversaries 

 "Those who protest biotechnology do so with a full belly"

-Dr. Florence Wambugu

 Advocates of Biotechnology see the large potential of the industry to revolutionize the way we look at agriculture, end world hunger and make better consumer products that have more nutritional value while using less resources. There are a number of companies, organization and research institutes that are working to use genetic engineering to vastly improve agriculture worldwide. Click the links below for our pages about these "biotech advocates"


Other Biotech Innovators from Around the World

 “Biotechnology is one more tool by the ruling class to control our lives and make more money."

-The Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

 While some groups celebrate the possibilities of GM foods, others disagree, as they are concerned about the possible dangers and impacts of this quickly growing industry. They are concerned about the potential health and environmental issues that this technology and seek to slow down or even stop all together the use of genetic engineering in our food. Read our pages about the following groups:


Earth Liberation Front